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  • When can I move in?

    If there is a storage unit available that meets your specific storage needs, then you can move in anytime.

  • How much notice do I need to give before I move out?

    We require a 30 day written notice before you move out.

  • Do you sell boxes and storage supplies?

    Yes. Our main location in Topsham offers a variety of moving supplies.

  • What size storage unit do I need?

    What you will be storing will determine the unit size that will best fit your needs. Please use our Storage Calculator for further assistance. You can also call our manager for further assistance at (207) 729-6565.

  • Should I have insurance?

    We highly recommend insuring your belongings while they are in storage. Although we, at Crafts Self Storage, go to great lengths to ensure the safety of your belongings there are circumstances that are beyond our control that could result in harm to your belongings. We can provide you with a third party insurance option that has many different plans to meet your needs.

  • What is the shortest rental term you offer?

    The minimum rental term we offer is one month.

  • Can I use my own lock?

    For your safety we require you to provide your own lock. Although the type of lock you use is up to you, we recommend a high-quality, name brand lock. We also recommend keeping an extra copy of the key in a secure location.

  • Are there any items or substances I cannot store at your facilities?

    We do prohibit the storing of certain hazardous materials, perishable foods and live animals.

  • If you have questions about prohibited items and materials or have any additional questions, please consult our personnel by visiting our facilities located at 7 Center Park Road, or by calling our offices at (207) 729-6565.